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Raijin Signature BJJ Gi /Kimono

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Raijin BJJ Gi

We have finally released our much-anticipated ‘Signature’ Gi/Kimono, now available for purchase. Developed and designed for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Artists over the last year, its shape, fit and materials result in a Gi that is very comfortable to train and compete in, without compromising on durability. The attention to detail and finishing touches makes for a stunning design that’s classic in styling with contemporary flair. Our first BJJ Gi release is a premium Kimono at an affordable price.

Gi Jacket

The pearl weave jacket is relatively lightweight, weighing 550gsm. This allows for movement and comfort. It has the durability of a double weave and can withstand tough wear and tear. The jacket has been pre-shrunk and the pearl weave fabric will ensure minimal to no shrinkage on cold washes. If a small amount of shrinkage is needed it can be achieved by washing and drying on a warm heat. This Gi comes in in-between sizes so you will be able to get a Gi that fits straight from the website.

Gi Lapel

The foam filled lapel hold its shape without being overly stiff. The firmness will make it harder for your opponent to grip, perfect if you compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments. Sweat absorption is minimal which benefits hygiene.

Gi Pants

The pants are made from ripstop cotton. They are extremely lightweight and very easy to manoeuvre in yet strong and durable thus will not rip easily. The kneepads are extended all the way to the ankle for extra comfort. The drawstring rope is made of bungee cord that holds tight under pressure but is also easy to untie when you’ve finished training.


The cut of the Gi is tapered to fit closer to your body. The jacket and trouser cuffs are slightly narrower compared to a standard Gi, making it hard for your opponent to grip. This Gi is ideal for competition. It is IBJJF approved and the lightness of it will help you keep within your weight bracket.

The design

The exterior has been embroidered with the Raijin’s logos, all of which has been placed in accordance with IBJJF criteria. The Gi is sewn together with strong silver thread. The Gi also features 3 woven lables; on the lapel, inside the jacket and on the pants. The labels design is the forward facing Raijin Demon, God of thunder and lightning. The strap line ‘Respect All, Fear None’, accompanies the demon face.

And on the inside…

A vicious lightning storm is spread across the inside of the jacket yoke. The design is sublimated into comfortable rashguard material (82% polyester, 18% spandex) and will not crack, peel or fade. It reaches across the top of the back and shoulders and finishes at the chest. The inside lining is secured into place with additional reinforcement stitching. The inside jacket and trouser cuffs benefit from seam tape that reduces chafing and irritation. The tape also extends along the lapel, matching the lightning design found on jacket lining.

And if that wasn’t enough…

It also comes with a free Gi bag! The black drawstring bag features the same bungee cord used on the pants, with a large white Demon face print on one side.

100% Money back guarantee

money back guaranteeIf your Gi is damaged or faulty upon receipt we’ll refund your money or give you a credit note.
If by change you order the wrong size don’t fret, just return it to us unused and we’ll replace it with the right size.

Warning – This Gi is not for everyone
Although this Gi is IBJJF approved you may not be allowed to wear it at your gym/academy. Please check your gym/academies uniform policy before purchase.

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